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The Foraged Feast

The Foraged Feast is a wholesale and retail food business owned and operated by Maplewood, NJ resident and expert forager Dan Lipow. 

We offer the highest quality, locally and sustainably sourced mushrooms, greens, herbs, nuts, berries, roots, and more.


About Dan

Dan is founder and chief forager of The Foraged Feast. His culinary journey to find the best quality ingredients with the most flavor and highest nutritional value led him to start foraging for mushrooms and other wild edibles almost 20 years ago. Over those years, inspired by the many flavors, textures, and colors of those wild ingredients, Dan created countless delicious and nourishing meals for his friends and family. He established The Foraged Feast in 2016 to bring the nutrient-rich and delightful flavors of local, wild, and sustainably grown and foraged foods to the broader northern New Jersey community.


About Drew

Drew Lovering joined The Foraged Feast in 2017. A lifelong New Jersey resident, Drew is an avid forager and manages the Montclair and Denville Farmers' Markets. 


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